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It gives us immense pleasure to announce that MITRAMAADHYAMA has planned a unique first of its kind “Free Book Culture” for the usage of Kannada medium Graduate Students of Bangalore University. This novel and pioneering concept would usher in a new beginning and define a responsible publishing, distribution and marketing process.  It is to be noted that in the background of the depleting forest wealth, the publishing industry relying chiefly on the pulp for paper would have to make way for a responsible publishing and selling as per the demand.  This would eliminate the unnecessary stockings of huge inventories.  This Free Book Culture would be fostering a demand based publishing and also encourage target oriented responsible readership audience. MITRAMAADHYAMA also commits itself to plant trees in equal terms to compensate the quantum of books being published & printed from wood pulp.  Thereby the ecological balance is maintained without further loss to Mother Earth. This culture also encourages the concept of free-flow of information to all the needy ones, without any barriers, resistance of class, society or even monetary terms.

What is a Free Book?

Free book is a print / online book, which will be available for free of cost to the students who are specifically in need of the same book. The book carries a tag: FREE BOOK in the place of a price tag.

Who will bear the cost of Free Book?

Sponsors like you will be bearing the cost of production. This cost will be at actuals, and based on a transparent quotation process.

Why give a Free Book?

Well, MITRAMAADHYAMA strongly feels that in this information era, when many information and data are provided freely, there is a need to provide specific knowledge based books written by experienced writers, in a Freely Distributable Format.

Free Book Culture is not just a matter of costs and affordability, but a matter of philosophy.  This will naturally open up a new movement of Free Book Culture in localised formats.

Can the Free Books be purchased also?

Yes. Those who can afford to purchase it can definitely purchase a copy / multiple copies. The money thus collected will again go to the production of more and more such Free copies. The money will just revolve around this movement.

What is the benefit for institutions sponsoring the culture?

Sponsoring institutions can always take pride in being a contemporary Open Culture movement. This wi ll greatly enhance their social brand value.

The sponsoring institutions can always put an advertisement conveying a social message. This will popularise the institution’s brand.

Why MITRAMAADHYAMA is into this?

Well, MITRAMAADHYAMA being a non-profit organisation has always thought of participating in the societal activities with an aggressive attitude towards free information outflow without any resistances or barriers to one and all around us, in this changing world.  With social activism, media-content creation, pre-production, free information distribution as its core competence, it has decided to launch the Free Book Culture Project in order to push the idea forward. Any other institutions wishing to join us are also welcome to foster the movement.

Are Free Books given away to whomsoever?

The books would be distributed to target audience only, with every beneficiary willing to provide his primary personal details in a prescribed format which is given along with the Free Book.

What is the content of the First Free Book?

The content of the First Free Book Culture Series is: Kannada & IT. This is targeted to the Graduate Students of Bangalore University, who have particular curriculum, which of course is obsolete. This content was first generated at the instance of Surana First Grade College, South End, Jayanagar, Bangalore, and six experts in Kannada – IT issues delivered daylong classes in theory as well as practical’s. More than 350 students attended these classes. The same lessons are now written as a textbook content.

Okay. What next?

With your continued support, we will bring more and more such creative, educational Titles, targeting both young and adult, based on societal needs. We will take advice from the experts and plan for a time bound publication and distribution of Free Books.

Books are a cost to the ecology. How will you fight it?

We at MITRAMAADHYAMA fully understand the need to preserve the Ecological Balance. All the books will be printed on eco-friendly paper, and there will be a clear list of target audience before printing hundreds of books. Each book will be accounted for. Print on Demand will be the approach. If we print it on normal paper, we will ensure that two trees are grown with the printing of a set of 1000 copies of the book.

Are these books available online?

Yes. All these books will be freely available online.

How will you distribute the books?

For the first Title (Kannada & IT) we will approach the colleges. Then we will reach out to all NGOs, public fore, like minded bookshops and other sources, based on our Titles.

This novel concept requires a healthy patronage in the form of good demand based sponsorship from the leading Corporate bodies and also other brand conscious and societal conscious entities.  The changing pattern of publishing and printing not only needs to be more reader friendly but also eco-friendly and this FREE BOOK CULTURE would definitely take us a long way in sustaining this healthy pioneering effort.  This requires the Donor’s goodwill and patronage. Identifying with this culture the donor-brand gets a unique identity and conveys a responsible & feel good attribute, who are really conscious about earning the same.

We hope you are keen to participate in this project. Please contact

  • Shri Ramanath GP Maiya on 9986088100 / OR 
  • Shri Beluru Sudarshana on 9741976789 / 

for more details.


Please draw cheque / DD in favour of Mitramaadhyama, Bangalore.

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Please note: We are in the process of applying for tax exemption under section 80G.


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