Beluru Sudarshana

Post held recently:
Consultant Coordinator, KANAJA Online Kannada Jnanakosha (The largest Kannada portal )

Few professional accomplishments
• Founder Editor, Aseema, a magazine on national issues
• Editor, Hosadigantha Kannada Daily
• Editor, Vikrama Kannada weekly
• Editor, Kannada band, TMG TV Channel
• Magazine Editor, Vijaya Karnataka, Kannada Daily
• Manager, Corporate Communications, JSW Ltd., Toranagallu
• Strategic and Logistics Advisor to Shri B.S.Yeddyurappa
during 2008 Assembly Elections
• Administrative officer, Amruta Institute of Engineering and Management Sciences
• Hands on experience in print, visual and online media.
Public positions held
• Member of Regional Censor Board, Karnataka State
• Member, Media Advisory Council, CDL – a part of Charkha Foundation, Bangalore.
• Chairman, Board of Studies, Information Technology, Distance Education,
Kannada University, Hampi
Academic Accomplishments
Author of four textbooks for Kannada University, Hampi, viz.,
• Internet
• Introduction to Computers
• Computer Hardware
• Technical Writing & Editing
• Delivered lectures in workshops organized by University Grants Commission,
on Trends in Media and Technical Writing.
• Trained more than 400 young journalists (teaming with six other prominent
free lancers of the State), many of whom are now in mainstream media.
• National Youth Writer award 2005, by Bhaorao Deoras Memorial Trust, Sitapur, UP.
Literary accomplishments
• Vartamaanada Bisilu (An anthology of poems)
• Sarasvatee Nadiyinda Sindhoo Lipivarege (History)
Translations from English
• Naaveke Vishamayavaagabeku? (Environment)
• G.D. Deshmukh, a monograph (Speeches)
• Hullina Saaru (Grass Soup, by Zhang Xianliang)
• Himadodala Talamala (Fire Under the Snow, by Palden Gyatso)
• Skull Mantra (by Eliot Pattison)
• Owner of the first ever website from a Kannada writer,
• Extensive blogger and a feature writer with more than 500 feature articles, short stories, poems, book reviews, film reviews, scince articles, etc., written for print and online media
• Published 15 books in Kannada.
Personal knowledge base
• Indus Valley Civilization
• The trends in technology and new media
• The urban culture and human relations
• Cooperative movement, Urban Banking, Finance
• Constantly updated on issues like Education, Environment, Power, Agriculture, IT, etc.,
• Expertise in Sino – Tibetan issues
• Hands on experince in major application softwares.

Phones:  Mobile 9741976789


Ramanath G P Maiya

Having erupted from the stream of Science, with exposure varied from Export Marketing Management, Research Compilation & Social Activism, he has finally settled down to Media Marketing.

Initiated to social cause by fighting for street children’s rehabilitation in urban areas focusing on their legal rights was a beginning. Destiny took him to an R&D unit of an herbal drug manufacturing unit for its research activities, which exposed him for the documentation process & most important was the evolving love towards Mother Nature.

It was another incidental turn which landed him in the Media field for the rest of his career period. Being a key person from print-Media, he has over 15+ years of experience in Media Management and Marketing, with special expertise in circulation sales & operations. He has evolved himself along the rapid strides of the current media evolution and has the credit of being one of the major forces, responsible in the creation and shaping of the circulation sales of the major dailies such as Vijay Karnataka, The New Indian Express & Kannada Prabha, apart from other host of group publications and magazines. He brings along a diversified & rich media marketing experience to shape the business module of the Group.

He has an uncompromising mind when it comes to maintaining harmony with the nature, and feels passionate towards eco-friendly concepts. He believes in making Media pro-public; benefiting the society by and large. He has been an active contributor towards concept formation and has a keen interest in environmental, development and progressive issues of our society. His interest off late has been developing new ideas converting to business revenue.



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