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From being a small time publishing house to a leading people centric portal, MITRAMAADHYAMA has come a long way in building a range of sustainable, socially relevant activities. Be it a website publishing people oriented articles, or participating in social movements, MITRAMAADHYAMA has been an active forum since 1998. MITRAMAADHYAMA is registered as a Trust in order to provide more accountability and widen the scope of the social agenda.

The activities of MITRAMAADHYAMA can be categorised as follows:

Societal activities
• MITRAMAADHYAMA publishes articles of relevance to Karnataka in particular and India in general. Apart from articles by Shri Beluru Sudarshana, a journalist in Kannada for more than two decades, it publishes articles by leading thinkers, both in Kannada and English. The topics of these articles range from sustainable life to technology issues to literature and cinema. Recently, it has launched a free online science magazine JANTAR MANTAR, for adolescent readers.
• MITRAMAADHYAMA has been associated with many movements. It was instrumental in organising a National Delegation to impress upon the State Government of Karnataka to ban BT Brinjal, in 2010. MITRAMAADHYAMA organised a National delegation of experts and social activists who declared their total support to ban Endosulfan in Karnataka. MITRAMAADHYAMA is actively networked with many social organisations on issues of national interest. MITRAMAADHYAMA has been active behind many such activities, be it lobbying for people’s cause, or fight against corruption.
Professional services
• MITRAMAADHYAMA has a team of experts in various fields, particularly in media activities. Both the founder trustees of MITRAMAADHYAMA have a vast exposure to the print media activities from content creation to marketing. So, when it comes to media affairs, MITRAMAADHYAMA is aptly positioned to deliver most of the needs. MITRAMAADHYAMA undertakes assignments of thematic content creation, translation, print and online product design, printing and all related works.
• MITRAMAADHYAMA is well equipped to conduct events, workshops, seminars and related activities on the topics like Developmental issues, Environment, Science & Technology, Media & Communication etc., (continued…)
• MITRAMAADHYAMA, with a network of experienced writers, journalists across the Karnataka State welcomes assignments to create articles, special news stories, analyses etc.,
• MITRAMAADHYAMA provides research and analysis support to any needy organisation or individuals. Its founder trustee Shri Beluru Sudarshana has served – on strictly professional terms – many political leaders cutting across the party lines, NGOs, social activists and others.
• MITRAMAADHYAMA is an organisation leading in investigating digital footprints. In this info driven era, MITRAMAADHYAMA’s expertise in digital data management and in depth search capacities are much sought after tasks. It proivdes confidential and analytical information on any activity of public importance. Its nationwide network of people enables preparation of quick and correct analyses.

MITRAMAADHYAMA requests your kind support in widening the scope of its activities.

Disclaimer: MITRAMAADHYAMA firmly believes in citizen activism, but will associate organisations only based on issues. Considering the prevailing ideological and individual clash of interests, MITRAMAADHYAMA has decided to keep its independence. This stand enables MITRAMAADHYAMA to be neutral in its campaign, though biased towards truth.


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